My Story! 

From struggling, broke, and stressed out single mom to confident, prosperous, and living life on purpose....  #ButGod

Almost 7 years ago I was going through an ugly divorce and did not know how I was going to afford taking care of my daughter and pay for legal bills.  I was hardly sleeping, exhausted, had severe adrenal fatigue and felt very discouraged.  I was introduced to a health & wellness network marketing company and decided to take a leap of faith and join. 

When I joined network marketing, I knew I need a health overhaul.  But, I also needed to make enough money to support my family, as now I was doing it all on my own.  I was living paycheck to paycheck, had nothing in savings, and was not excited about the future.  I knew I needed this opportunity, and so did God.  I did a lot of praying, worked hard on my mindset, and started to get healthy again. 


I had to figure out social media on my own, learn how to manage a team, and get really good at time management.  I knew I did not want to host home parties or meet people for presentations at the local coffee shop, so I worked hard to build a business strictly through social media all while working a full time job.  

I did 0 parties. 

I met 0 people at the coffee shop.
I started with 800 FB friends.

I received 0 training. 

I needed this opportunity God gave us. 
That would be on me. 
So I ran. 
As fast as I could. 
Never looked back.

I grew a multi-million dollar business, earned 6-figures, earned 4 years of car bonuses (allowing me to drive my dream car Mercedes), earned 11 paid for vacations, and finally had a savings account!

Fast Forward to this past year....

I was burned out of trading time for money, and wanted to find a way to teach others how to find their purpose and monetize it without having 3-way calls, events, or cold messaging people.  I found an amazing mentor that helped me with social media attraction marketing.  My mentor joined a network marketing company that is revolutionizing the industry.  The compensation plan that no one has seen before and products that have life changing testimonials.  The goal was......... find a way to help others find financial freedom through network marketing.

When I was offered the opportunity to lock arms with a proven leader and join an amazing company, an incomparable compensation plan, and top of the line products, I knew God's fingerprints were all over this.  This was the way for me to help other single moms find passion, purpose, and financial freedom through network marketing. 

If you are ready, I am here to help you!


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We have an obsessive enthusiasm for one thing: changing people for the better.

We hold a deep sense of responsibility to create a sustainable company that empowers people for success. One that people can trust to be ethical and transparent. To stay true to who we are, every company decision is based on these guiding principles.

  • What we say is what we do

  • Doing right is the only option

  • People (and their success) are the first priority

  • Positively impact every person we come into contact with

  • Community is our culture


If you want the truth, it’s easier to be a distributor than it is to start a network marketing company. But sometimes, the easy road isn’t what you’re called to do.

After 12 years in the industry, we became disenchanted with the status quo. We were tired of seeing good people, who were trying to improve their lives, being taken advantage of.

When we could no longer find a company we trusted to build a team with, we knew it was time to fix the problem and create our own.

“We were asked: Why are you doing this? And the answer is simple: because we can! Success for us is defined by how many people are better off because we are here.

The bar has been set so low in Network Marketing that companies have lost sight of the real reason why they exist.

At Navan, we’re raising that bar. We’ve created a community that will support you and a culture that breathes excitement and hope for your future.

People are searching for more. We are opening that door and pouring hope on their dreams.”

Online Learning.
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Fist Pound

Why our         ?


Customer Options

1- Purchase the products at wholesale pricing by joining with a starter pack

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2- Purchase retail 

Why join NAVAN?


Listen, if you are fulfilled with what you’re doing in life then you may not be interested in what we offer. But if you’re tired of working long hours without the compensation you deserve or feeling like you’re not supported, then it’s time for change.

We understand where you’re coming from. And that’s why we created Navan. This is a company that is committed to put people first, every time. Our culture goes beyond the individual, it’s built around community that will grow and support each other along the way.

At the end of the day, Navan gives you an opportunity to make room for the good, not just in your own life, but in the life of everyone you meet.

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 3.00.09 PM.png


When you become a consultant with Navan, you’re signing up for an opportunity that creates change. Not just with yourself, but change that can influence everyone around you. Are you ready to earn an income and make way for the good?

Enroll today with a starter pack that fits your lifestyle and budget.


What you can expect.

All your training is taken care of! Once you join as a rep you will be added to my Coaching community where I teach you how to brand yourself and connect with unlimited potentials. 


NEW HD PROMO VIDEOS every single month.

-Monthly Training

- Hundreds of pictures and promos ready for

your use.

- TOP apps & Tutorials.

- Creating promo videos.

- Creating Slideshows.

-Landing Page.


-Animated posts.

- 30 Days to becoming a Social Influencer

- FULL Social Media Training.


- BEST posts for engagement.

- Marketing tips.

- Motivation

-The Latest Social Marketing Trends

and much more!

Social Media is the future of business. 

For more information on the products or to join the business please click below to                       me.


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